Penhas do Marmeleiro Urban Park

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Mon - Sun: 08:30 am-06:00 pm
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NameParque Urbano das Penhas do MarmeleiroAddress

R. Marquês de Pombal, n.º 41

ParishAlcabidecheGeolocation38.730652,-9.433141 (open map)

R. Marquês de Pombal, n.º 41


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The Penhas do Marmeleiro Urban Park, in Murches, intends to recover the visual relation between the Serra de Sintra (Sintra Mountain), Ribeira das Vinhas and Penhas do Marmeleiro.

With four hectares the the land of Penhas do Marmeleira was adapted to the needs of leisure and the population's contact with nature.

A pedestrian walkway on wooden platforms that run across the entire terrain can be found, minimising the impact of natural slopes and making theaccess to certain areas easier, being now the landscape available to visitors.

Children's playground area, pedestrian and cycling ways


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