Moinho de Armação Tipo Americano (Windmill)

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Pçta. do Moinho
2645-049 Alcabideche

ParishAlcabidecheGeolocation38.731333,-9.409537 (open map)

Pçta. do Moinho
2645-049 Alcabideche




The Museum is temporarily closed until further notice due to the  Covid-19 pandemic.

This windmill shows the importance of windmills as heritage worth preserving. The use of milling systems for the processing of agricultural products such as wheat, maize and barley, dates back to very ancient times. In the 11th century, there were already references to the existence of windmills in Cascais.

The milling structures in our county remained in operation until later than their counterparts in the region of Lisbon, because they benefited from the local wholesale market and because they were located at a great distance from the industrial areas of cereal processing, with the exception of one factory which exists in Carcavelos.

With an intense activity aimed at school groups, the Windmill also opens on specific days for  dynamic bread workshops. 

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